The propaganda media Origo reports that, in Belgium, some Christian pupils have been “forced to pray in a mosque”, but provides no sources, no footage, and no context, feeding existing Islamophobic narratives on the “submission” of Europe to Islam. This is Hungary’s media monitoring highlight for December.

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A pro-government media outlet uses the persecution of Copts in Egypt to fan the flames of Islamophobia in Europe. This is our Hungary's media monitoring highlight for July 2018.

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June media monitoring highlight for Hungary. Origo took the story from Infowars, a known fake news website that, in turn, had taken the story from Voice of Europe, another known fake news website.

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Thursday, 17 May 2018 09:29

Origo's Panic Attack

The prominence given to immigration in domestic Hungarian politics since 2015 has surprised migration experts. It took a particularly distinct form in the period leading up to the general election in April 2018, when migration was placed centre-stage, albeit presented in a distorted, negative way, in the government-controlled media such as the Hungarian news website Origo ( We never thought that we would witness such a clear example of moral panic.

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