GTTO partner Symbiosis – School of Political Studies of the Council of Europe has filed a report on YouTube requesting the definitive ban of the Konstantinos Plevris’ account for its antisemitic content. 

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Online lifestyle website Athens Magazine spread antisemitic conspiracy theories and disinformation in an article that claims to unearth the sequence of events and policies behind Greece’s debt. This is Greece’s media monitoring highlight for October.

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Monday, 30 September 2019 13:09

Savvas Kalenteridis - Troll of the Month

In a recent piece for Ponton News, former military officer Savvas Kalenteridis commented on immigration in Greece, using strong far-right narratives and tropes. 

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Andreas Andrianopoulos shared his views on immigration in an opinion piece on one of Greece's most read news platforms. The article made sweeping sensationalist claims about immigrants coming to Greece. This is Greece’s media monitoring highlight for September.

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Κληθείς στον σταθμό ΣΚΑΙ, ο Αντιπρόεδρος της ΠΟΑΣΥ, κος Σταύρος Μπαλάσκας, χρησιμοποίησε ακραία ρατσιστικό λεξιλόγιο κατά προσφύγων και μεταναστών, αναφερόμενος σε αστυνομική επιχείρηση που έλαβε χώρα στην περιοχή των Εξαρχείων. Αυτό αποτελεί το highlight του Αυγούστου ως μέρος της γενικότερης παρακολούθησης των μέσων ενημέρωσης στην Ελλάδα στο πλαίσιο του προγράμματος Get the Trolls Out!

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Interviewed on SKAI TV, Stavros Balaskas, Vice-president of the Greek Federation of Police Officers used highly dehumanising language to refer to a police operation held the same morning during which refugees and refugee families were evicted from squats in Exarcheia, Athens. This is Greece’s media monitoring highlight for August.

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The religious news platform Vima Orthodoxias gave a platform to known conspiracy theorist, author Serena Nomikou. In the article, Nomikou made very extreme anti-Muslim claims backed by zero evidence. This is Greece’s media monitoring highlight for July.

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How to understand and spot hate speech and what are the best ways to counter it? This was the focus of a training course for high school students held by Get The Trolls Out! partner “Symbiosis-School of Political Studies in Greece” in Thessaloniki, Greece.

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Σε πρόσφατη επιστολή του, ο Μητροπολίτης Αμβρόσιος, χρησιμοποιεί εμπρηστικό λεξιλόγιο για να υποστηρίξει τις απόψεις του και στηρίζει τις αιτιάσεις μέσω ακραίων - προπαγανδιστικών μέσων ενημέρωσης 

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Bishop Amvrosios of Greece wrote an extremely inflammatory piece for a religious news platform, in which he references misinformation and claims the government is appeasing Islam. This is Greece’s media monitoring highlight for June.

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