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The Brussels-based 7sur7 reports that Toblerone chocolate has received its halal certification, but the story is framed to make it look like a secret conspiracy to please Muslim buyers. This is Belgium’s media monitoring highlight for December.

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On CNEWS, the founder of the Observatory on Secularism of Val d’Oise Laurence Marchand-Taillade uses dubious Egyptian sources to claim that the Yellow Vests movement has been influenced by the tactics of the Muslim Brotherhood. This is France's media monitoring highlight for December.

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On 17th December, Francophone Belgian website 7sur7 reported that Toblerone chocolate received its halal certification in April 2018. The article’s sensationalist title – “What you probably did not know about Toblerone” – implies that the owner of the brand, the US food group Mondelez, is involved in a secret conspiracy to please Muslim buyers to the detriment of others. Although Toblerone’s recipe had not actually changed, the article maintains this accusatory tone by using words that imply conspiracy, like “in all discretion” and “did not want to reveal”.

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Billionaire and philanthropist George Soros is not only attacked by nationalists in Eastern Europe: Soros is said to be the head of a world-wide conspiracy for the oppression of the West by means of the presumed ethnic replacement of local populations. 

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Wednesday, 19 December 2018 13:06


This video playlist shows the results of media monitoring undertaken in November 2018 in France, Germany, Belgium, Hungary, Greece, and the UK as part of the Get The Trolls Out project.

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Wednesday, 19 December 2018 09:49

Is this News?

We were fascinated how anything can be used as a news item. This meme was inspired by our UK November Media Monitoring Highlight  in whihc misleading images and wrong statistics were used to fuel anti-Muslim hatred. 



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Over the past year, a video went viral of a 15 year old Syrian boy being “waterboarded” by his classmates in Northern England, and a car purposefully crashed into a crowd outside of a mosque in London. Islamophobia is on the rise across the country, with three out of five British Muslims reporting that they have experienced hate crimes.

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Österreichische Boulevardzeitung "Krone" veröffentlichte einen Artikel, der, mit Hilfe von Erdichtungen und aufhetzerischer Sprache, eine nicht bestehende Gefahr durch Migranten beschreibt. Dies ist Deutschlands Medien Monitoring Highlight für November.

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Le député français Julien Aubert présente les 18 propositions d’ « Oser la France » sur l’Islam en France. L’une d’entre elles suggère d’imposer aux nouveaux citoyens français un prénom « français ».Retrouvez notre veille des médias français pour le mois de novembre.

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The front cover of the latest issue of Paris Match, a leading news and entertainment weekly, used a photo of Hervé Lalin, known as “Hervé Ryssen”, to represent the gilets jaunes protests sweeping across France. A self-described ‘racist’ and ‘anti-Semite’, Ryssens is a convicted criminal and member of National Republican Movement – an extreme-right party that split from Marine Le Pen’s National Front in 1999. Shockingly, Paris Match does not identify him as such. 

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